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human interaction is essentially depending on location. the key information is being at the same place at the same time, either now or in the future. on all profiles contain such data and the possibility to create location-based promotional coupons results in a completely new advertising opportunity. by just one click, users can find other users in their area, but also businesses and their coupons. this connects private users with businesses in an inspiring and pleasant way.

as an additional layer of functionality, a well-designed future-location feature turns the platform into a planning tool and pushes social media to the next level. your business and the associated coupons are automatically displayed simultaneously to locals as well as to every future visitor of your city. your audience and revenue is scaled-up and your potential customers are reached directly, dedicated and targeted. all this combined is what we call – revolutionary –


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get people to locate you

build customized coupons


reach potential customers well in advance

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coupon creator


quick and easy

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analytical data


optimize future advertising

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use your profile page to introduce and present your business. state your location, promote specials and events

your unique created coupons are directly accessible from your profile page and easy to download for our private users. you can customize them according to your needs

learn more about your customers than ever before. our special analytics tool helps you to identify strength and weaknesses of your business and optimize future coupons and marketing to your findings

analyze the reviews of your business and reply to them directly. in combination with the analytics, you can ultimately plan your future business activities, specials, events and coupon marketing





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product comparison


subscription plans

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your company story


free subscription

tell us your business success story and win a free "deluxe" subscription for one year. let us know why we should consider your business for a free plan. the one hundred best stories will be entitled for a free subscription right with the launch of our portal. send us an e-mail to and go beyond social media with us.